Toshi Tamagi Award

The Toshi Tamagi Memorial Award recognizes and publicly acknowledges volunteers who donate their time, behind the scenes, to make the sport of 5 pin bowling in the Calgary zone better. Toshiro Tamagi spent nearly 30 years volunteering in the Calgary bowling community. Always willing to help, Toshi was involved in fundraising and donated his skills as a photographer to the Calgary 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association.

 Past Recipients

Year Recipient
2016/2017 Douglas McCannel
2011/2012 Eleanor Howard and Don Wilton
2009/2010 Bob Stirling
2006/2007 Betty Kaminsky
2005/2006 Marilyn Revoy
2004/2005 Barry Bernard
2003/2004 Eugene and Gail Sakai
2001/2002 Bill and Flo Roffel
2000/2001 Barb Magnus
1999/2000 Merv Smuda